Hotel Marquee

Never underestimate the power of a marquee for hire. It can save your life or even your career when you least expect. But first, what is a marquee for hire anyway?

Extra information about marquee for hire

Definition of a True Life Saver

A marquee is like a safety net. Only, it's up there instead of down below. In order to safeguard their bodies from injury, destruction or death, circus performers working in high places have a net cut out for them.

A marquee is a canopy that is usually found at the entrance of a building such as a hotel. Its main purpose: to keep patrons and other guests protected from increment weather while waiting to get in the premises of the edifice. The concept worked so well that it was only a matter of time before it got a job extension.

From the Front to the Back

You guessed right. Some smart person probably thought, why not put another canopy at the end of the building to extend the fun when there's a big ball going on? It worked and the rest is history.

An Enterprise Is Born

Business was so good that it wasn't long before other entrepreneurs would embrace the idea. Renting out canopies, tents, and other temporary sheds have become a regular enterprise year round in many parts of the world. Many brides and grooms find the idea irresistible, especially when they get caught in a crunch due to unexpected wedding guests.

Born With a Mission

If you happen to be a special events coordinator, you can certainly appreciate the fact that you have the option of extending space or shelter when gatecrashers get in the picture. Guest lists are seldom fool-proof, you know. So always have a Plan B. Get a marquee on standby just in case.

You just never know when you'll need it. In times of calamities and famines, even football fields may prove inadequate for the deluge of refugees and other homeless people. Give them a temporary roof over their heads to save their lives and give comfort.

When Special Times Call for Extraordinary Measures

No one can predict with any certainty when the next pandemic can occur. So don't just bring extra blankets. Fight adversity with a full-blown tent where doctors can cure and give rest to individuals of any race, culture or nationality. Depending on the material you choose, organisers and volunteers alike can join hands to keep temporary shelters and hospitals clean and more importantly, germ free.