The person you choose to list your horse property on the market is a crucial decision. Deciding who could be the best agent for you, will not only help you obtain a top price for your property but with facilitate a smooth transaction. When you are preparing to market your home, you must always make an effort to get it ready by cleaning it thoroughly and fixing needed repairs. There is no such a difference with horse homes, potential buyers of horse properties are always just as worried about their horses as they are about themselves.

If you are trying to sell your equestrian land, here you have a few details you should consider to address to make your horse property attractive for buyers:

  • Fencing: you will need to evaluate your current fencing to make sure all fence boards are intact, and replace any old board if it´s necessary. If you are planning to install fencing before putting your property on the market, wood fences are the most attractive to potential equestrian property buyers. Keep in mind that the primary job of a fence is to contain horses safely, you don´t want horses to get hurt or escape.
  • Pastures and turns out: There should be ample room in every stall to turn out horses as well as trimming it, especially in spring and summer. Is vital to keep the pastures maintain and groomed.
  • The barn: Barns are difficult to keep clean, they are like homes and also bathrooms for horses, so be sure that you are doing the best to give them an adequate maintenance. Keep barn aisles swept, get rid of cobwebs, and make sure stalls are mucked with fresh shavings before all showings. Consider buying rubber mats for each stall, as it´s inexpensive, most buyers ask if your stall has rubber mats and considerate them sort of like a necessity.
  • Arenas: Do not underestimate the cost of building an area or improving an existent one. The footing is a reasonable investment that will affect the soundness of horses and the amount of maintenance the area will require. Keep the arena dragged and manicured, many of the equestrian buyers are competitors and use the arena almost daily.
  • Drains: Yard drains suffer from leaves, bedding, feed and hay endlessly flowing down them. Take a day to remove drain covers and also check they are free of debris and running well. If you want, you could call a drain specialist to flush them through. A large puddle in the middle of the yard might not be a first good impression.
  • Painting: Painting the stable is also a good idea you should keep in mind, mostly because it is not that expensive and it doesn´t require a lot of effort.

Now that you have considered all these factors before putting your horse property on the market, try to contact a real estate agent who has experience on this specific topic. If you find cleaning a stable a tedious task, here is a video that will definitely make it easier for you.

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